Fatal Crash at KSMO

KNX 1070 AM LA is reporting that a two seat aircraft is down at KSMO and two are confirmed deceased. Reporting it to be a Siai Marchetti. Godspeed.

Based on video from local TV news coverage, I believe I recognize the aircraft, and if I’m correct, I have a photo of the aircraft and pilot. I’m not going to speculate any further until official identification and notification of next of kin have been made.

My condolences to the friends and families of the two people who were on the aircraft.

One of the persons killed in this crash is Paulo Emanuele who ran the website airliners.net. It has been posted on the site so it is public information now. Sad and tragic news and condolences to the families.

This is the second aviation webmaster that I know of to be killed in a crash. A couple years ago the guy who ran flightinfo.com was killed in a Lancair mid air collision. Just terribly sad for both of them and their families.

FAA Registry N688C

Very sad, though he left behind quite a contribution to Internet Aviation sites.

This is very sad. I never met Paulo Emanuele, but I did meet the owner of the Marchetti when several of us were in San Diego a few years ago having a Marchetti get together. There are a few photos of this Marchetti on the Marchetti Owners Association website. We have one of us, this plane and ours in the background.

My heart goes out to the families and friends.

When I was a controller at SMO, the owner of N688C came up to the tower around Christmas (2007) and gave all of the controllers a red Marchetti pin. I had it stuck into the sun visor of my old car; when I sold that, I hammered it into the wall by the front door of my house (where it still is now). The sentimental value of that thing skyrocketed, and I’m glad I saved it when I moved to Wisconsin last year.

I loved working 688C because he would always come in, do the overhead, land, and be off the runway in no time. The inside of its hangar was decorated nicer than my living room, too!


January 28, 2009

It is with the deepest sorrow that we let know Paulo Emanuele, General Manager of Airliners.net died this evening in a tragic plane crash. His plane took off out of Santa Monica Airport around 5:00 PM and lost power. Paulo attempted to return to the airport, but did not make it. Paulo loved Airliners and everything it stands for.

He will be remembered for his passion, his kindness, and his love for life.

Paulo was an amazing pilot, an amazing photographer, an amazing friend, and an amazing father. He will be deeply missed.

Thank you Paulo for the time we had with you…We know you will be smiling down on us.

Was there only one person on board?