Pilot For Michael Waltrip's N1MW?

Can anyone tell me, who is the pilot for Michael Waltrip’s King Air 300 (N1MW)? I know his first name is Bo, but I’m trying to get his full name, if anyone can answer this for me. Thanks…

Any particular reason… 'cause we all have his full name, address, and ss#. You just need to tell us why you want it.

I’m thinking we need to start a stalking thread, and move all these type’s of wacky requests in there.

BTW Welcome to FlightAware!

Mr. Bo Jangles.

Now you know I don’t disagree with you much, Wazzu. This is one of those time. I’m pretty sure it’s Bo Diddley and not Jangles.

Come on guys, stop messing with him… Obviously it’s Bo Duke.