Picture Comments


It would be nice if we had a place to comment on pictures posted.

Thank You!


So what exactly do you want everyone to comment on? The pictures of N28FD are outstanding! The pictures of you, I assume, need to be put in a different website. What’s up with the princess hat and the boob shots? Lady you are really flying higher then most planes, aren’t ya, Groupie.


Please direct me to the boob shots as I have no shame. TIA


Go to photos and look for the N28FD. Good luck!!


oh, thats just a bigger version of the avatar.


True, but probably more expensive!


Well, Well…What do we have here? I find it interesting your completely blank profile was created around the same time RZ350 pulled all descriptors from her pictures of N28FD, but I digress to pure speculation. So, let’s get to the point. You call me “Groupie” like that’s a bad thing!! :laughing: I was so wanting unleash with the fury of the Enola Gay and Bock’s Car, (Google if you don’t know what that is), but your thoughtful post deserves a gracious reply.

Thank you for the compliments to my photos of N28FD, I took those with a cell phone cam, even I was surprised. Having taken other photos that have won awards at the County Fair, I wasn’t holding much hope that day, as I couldn’t see the LCD screen very well. And yes, I would like to be able to comment on pictures of aircraft posted here, as there are some unusual ones I have never seen.

Concerning the other pictures, I finally decided on the avatar that conveyed an air racing theme. Compare to the pics of the scantilly clad Gulfstream “Flight Attendant” in thigh high stockings, or the Bikini Girl on the De Havilland, or a host of other adorable ones within this site.

As far as being a Princess, I have earned my tiara, Jack. I am no mere aircraft ornament. I’ve been on the flightline at dawn-thirty, running down my preflight while freezing my butt off, doing my share of push-backs, refueling, scraping bugs off the windscreen, digging them out of a clogged pitot tube and washing and waxing a low wing Cherokee. I pull my own weight during flight, helping the PIC with the preflight, spotting. comms, navigation, whatever he needs. I don’t just sit there in Princess Lala Land, going “Ohh, lookie over there!” and tossing my hair.

So yeah, bring it. I wear the “Groupie” label with pride. Call it whatever you want: “Groupie”, “Cheerleader”, I will always champion GA and all the passion and romance contained therein. Long may it live. With that I direct you to the following URL to learn more from “One-Six-Right”.

terwilligerproductions.com/o … icialsite/

You are correct. I do fly high. There is nothing in this world that compares with the anticipation sitting on the threshold, shoving the throttle to firewall, feeling the engine roar and acceleration until the aircraft rotates. That is a high only pilots and student pilots can understand.

In the future, if you want to take this offline, feel free to utilize any of the contact mechanisms in my profile. Unfortuately, I can’t return the favour as you have provided none.

CAVU Skies to You! :smiley: Again, Google it, if you don’t know the acronym


Sigh Must I explain everything? Check the axillary region of my left arm, augmented breasts don’t move there when a woman lies flat on her back. I am the real deal Jack.


Meow. One order of catnip, table three! :smiley:


Bwahahaha!!! :laughing:


I think James is in love… :laughing:

I would make the joke about Oildale (where BFL is technically located in Bakersfield) women, but Satine definitely does NOT fit that description.


OMG!! ROTFLMAO Pika :laughing: You are correct, I live and work in the toney SW part, rarely venturing out of it, except to the FBO which is located in Oildale! Epic Jet Center is absolutely stunning inside with a 40’s aircraft type decor and theme. Makes one feel like Howard Hughes in his heyday, could come walking through the door at any moment.


Whoops…James is JHEM…


wow, this is getting good!


I just pulled up a chair. :open_mouth: