Netjets Captain

Ok here’s a pic of my brother the Netjets Hawker 800XP Captain. I am very proud of him as I know well it isnt easy to get that ATP and fly complex jet aircraft. Maybe if I get a powerball win I can buy a share of a Hawker or BBJ and be a big shot, eh?

Two tips for making your image work:

  1. Don’t use spaces in the filename.
  2. Use IMG tags instead of URL tags.

ok lets try again

that was using img BUT I am not certain if my photo file name is kjac2.jpg or the 270877964 that flikr sez it is. I WILL say that this certainly does discourage the casual photo uploader! Reminds me of the hassles I had creating my web page a while back!

the photo is there at flickr if you guys wanna see it its at heck you can see all of the pics there.
I give up.

My avatar, which I was somehow able to upload, is a pic of me in the backseat of my brothers (the netjet pilot) T-28B Trojan. He took me up while I was visiting him in Seattle a while ago. A truly awesome ride, and he let me fly it for a while as well.

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JHEM, you just beat me to it.

Have to maintain my rep! :wink:

Ok- no disrespect intended. your brother has a great job flying fab plane that I would kill to be a passanger in, much less at the controls.

But did anybody else see the tie first and think

“Dilbert’s Flying Planes!” ??

Dilbert??? :open_mouth:

Jack’s an awfully manly appearing man to idly suffer such aspersions to his character. Best watch your back!

I’m pretty sure the cleft chin and brushcut are shorthand for “I whup wussies!”. Unless you’re in SF, in which case they mean “See you in gay church!”. :wink:

Which, of course, raises the twin questions of where’s Jack based and does Damiross know Jack? :smiling_imp:

Captain Jack will get you high tonight.

Take a look a the picture of him outside the aircraft. His tie looks like Dilbert’s!

I got the reference Dave, I was expressing surprise, shock and confusion.

Can I take it as a given that you don’t know Jack? :smiling_imp:

Can’t always tell.

I do know Jack - belongs to the same club I do.

(Why would I want to join a club that would allow me as a member is beyond me!)

(Why would I want to join a club that would allow me as a member is beyond me!)

Good point.

if Jack sees this my ass is grass. Thanks for yanking the pics off of my newly created flickr page! I wonder how the new VLJ jets will effect the fractional operators…

They will increase demand and revenues.

Buy stock!

BTW, email me the photo you used to make your avatar and I’ll clean it up for you and send a properly sized avatar back.

Then you won’t look like you’re packed into a too small box!

James the Elder