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Piaware start screen and running log display

I recently upgraded to a Raspberry PI 4. Installs all seemed to work just fine. Updated my feeder id and FlightAware sees my new PI and feeding is going well. However, the Raspberry 3 B+ would start up with a status screen as Piaware was starting. Plus I could do an ALT+ F10 and see the running log. On the new PI I do not have the start-up status thus cannot get to the running logs. Did I miss a step in my install/refresh? Thanks, John

Try the other HDMI port.

No luck on switching to the other HDMI port. Same behavior. I wonder, is it related to me having to login manually? As opposed to an auto login? Other than the PiAware startup screen not showing up the system starts all processes just fine.

Strange. If you are getting no video output at all on a Pi 4, usually that means you’re on the secondary port; the piaware sdcard image only outputs on the primary port. Other than that, I don’t know of anything that would cause this.

I do have video output when the system starts up. The boot up activity runs by fast and I am left at a logon prompt. I can then login and do any commands I need to. This works fine on either HDMI port.

What I was talking about is when the PIAWARE app was running on the Raspberry PI 3 after the startup there would be a status screen that shows the status of the system (connection to FlightAware, MLAT status, 1090 status, 978 status, etc. Plus I could ALT-F10 and go to the running log display. Or, ALT-F1 and go back to the command prompt. That is the status screen that is not around anymore.

well, let me ask this: the previous version running on the raspberry pi 3 was a Piaware SD card. the version on the pi 4 is a Debian install followed by the 1090fa and 978fa scripts. Is that why I am not seeing the start up screen and able to get to running log via alt-f10?

Yes, that’d do it. The console setup with the status screen, logs, etc is specific to the piaware sdcard image.

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