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I can not get PiAware to boot on my New RPi 4 Running Buster

As the subject says I can not boot PiAware. I tried burning image to a SD card that I can burn and boot Buster on. I tried burning image using Etcher on both a Windows and Mac machines. I downloaded PiAware twice, same results. Anyone have any ideas for me to try? Thanks.

Which image did you try to burn?
The FA image from here https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build
or an image from raspberrypi.org ?

You cannot boot Piaware, or cannot connect (ssh) to Pi4?
Are you using wired connection to router, or WiFI?

Please disregard. I found out that Buster boots with a single monitor plugged into either hdmi port, PiAware needs the monitor plugged into port 0. It boots just fine for me now.


There is a known issue with the overlay, but it looks like the most recent version of piaware resolved it. As I just booted up a clean install on a Pi4 headless.

At one point I did have this issue with another image not piaware related, and this is the url I used to find my solution.

HotPlug settings had to be modified.


The piaware sdcard image has hdmi_force_hotplug=1 by default.

The issue with the Pi 4 is that there is a pi4-specific video setting in config.txt needed to enable mirroring to both HDMI ports; but that setting also breaks plymouth, so the piaware sdcard disables it by default and you need to use the primary HDMI port only.

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