Two questions about bringing pi3 online

I am replacing a pi2b with a pi3. I understand Windows, but not linux

  1. How do I get Piaware to boot up online and run without having to enter a User ID & Password. Also does this signon always need to be “pi” and “flightaware” or do I change it to my account user ID and password

  2. How do I get my pi2b current stats moved over to the new pi3.

Bob Fay

If you are using the piaware image, it automatically starts without having to log in at all.

I am using the piaware file that is posted to use for the pi3 and it stops at a log in screen. As you stated the pi2b which is currently used doesn’t need a login and just starts up. Since I do not have a HDMI capable monitor where my receiver is this is an issue.

You don’t need to log in for piaware to operate. You only need to log in if you need access to the command line.

Thanks for the reply and you are right I don’t need to be sighed in for it to work. As for the stats not showing on the new pi I guess I will just start over. as I want to use the old pi for other projects on my network and I don’t want to keep changing MAC address’s all the time every time I rewrite the memory stick. Two interfaces with the same MAC address will not work too well. It is a letdown to go from a 30 day rank of 1812 to 6848.