PiAware SkyAware Map and Data Missing

Last few days PiAware SkyAware has been displaying as shown below. Data is still sharing and SkyAware Anywhere still works.

Could this be a http server issue? I have been serving on port 8080.

Same issue here, no data recieved.

Did you try hitting refresh on the browser (F5 on Firefox). Or try a different browser if you have another one handy.

I have checked the site on Chrome, Firefox and Safari, on computers on the same LAN and outside, and a phone.
None of them work.

What’s the browser console say?

(If you’re consistently getting a failure on multiple browsers with clean cache, then it may be sdcard damage on the Pi corrupting the static skyaware html/javascript; that usually shows up as javascript errors in the browser console)

Thanks for the suggestions. I updated the pi from the command line, installed tar1090 and uninstalled, and cleared all the browser caches. Somehow it is working again! Not idea what caused the problem or what fixed it!

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