After PiAware update Skyview no longer Available (fixed by clearing Browser cache - ctrl F5 on many browsers)

Yesterday I upgraded my PiAware software to v3.6.3 along with dump1090. After doing so PiAware seems to be communicating and I can view my stats page but my SkyView page will not load. I went through the process a second time but the results are the same, no Sky View.
Does anyone have an idea what went wrong?


How did you upgrade? Via the stats page or a new install?

Maybe the IP address changed?

Clearing browser cache solved some smaller problems for some people, maybe try that?


I updated from the stats page. My PiAware Raspberry Pi has a static IP and according to my router, it did not change.

can you ping it or even ssh into it, would be good to diagnose the problem further.

On your stats page there should also be a link to your skyview, have you tried that?
(“Web Interface: View live data” in the Site Information box)

Also does the basic Skyview webpage show or could you specify “not loading”?

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I can SSH into the Pi3

The link on the stats page gat the same results as if I try to open the map page directly. The map page opens up and a spinning arrow shows up but the map never loads. No warnings just the spinning circle. I have waited as long as several minutes without loading.


CTRL-F5 please.

Check back with results :slight_smile:

You gotta be kiddin’ me! Does the word “EMBARRASED” tell you what my results were?

It’s fine i should have put it in my first post. If you count the last 3 weeks CTRL-F5 has been the answer to not less than 5 threads i believe.

But somehow “not loading” i thought the site wasn’t reachable at all :wink:

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Thank you very much. I’ve been burned before by a browser cache but what I was seeing with the map page just did not reflect that being the problem. Regardless, I should have tried it first. I guarantee it will not happen again. :roll_eyes:

I actually mentioned clearing the cache in my answer, maybe not explicitly enough…:joy:

In a retail store, same questions are asked over and again, several time a day, 7 days a week. :wink:

If the item has its the price displayed, the store attendant may not be very pleased with the same question over and over, or the answer may change each time it’s asked.:rofl:

How many times did control+f5 come up today?:roll_eyes: