PiAware+RPi 3 image question

A question from a newbie in regards to the RPi, Linux & ADSB setup using Dump etc… So excuse any silly questions…

I have a Pi 3 and set this up using instructions from another site using Dump1090, feeding my data to Flightaware, FR24 & Planeplotter.

My questions are:

  1. if I use the Flightaware card image and configure that, will I still be able to feed the other networks?

  2. Is an 8gb card ok or would you recommend larger? I have a spare 32gb one.

I’m not using the FA Pro Stick & Filter with much better results than the generic one. I have a Beast and once I can understand how to get that working with the RPi should provide even better coverage to FA.


  1. yes. You can easily support other feeder sites.
    There is a script/build, by Joe, that will configure everything in one go. It takes less than 20 minute to do everything.
    It does use a later, development version of dump1090, however, many of us have used it for a month or two without issues. I have 3 RPIs using it.

  2. 8GB should be fine. Larger is better if you want to do logging or run databases to store the information. You should keep a spare as SD cards generally have more issues than the RPIs themselves.
    Just be sure to expand the file system. This allows the internal SD systems to spread the load over the entire card.