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PiAware Repositories

Recently a few new repositories were added and I’m curious as to the reason. Clearly I have RPi-Monitor installed, but otherwise this is on a Pi4B running stock PiAware 4.0. The screen shot shows one Microsoft repository, but on other update checks there are sometimes two or three more. Previously it was just the FlightAware, Docker, and RPi-Monitor hits. Any idea as to why the recent inclusion of Microsoft?

The inclusion of Microsoft is so that packages from Microsoft (specifically for embedded dev) can be installed.

It’s not going down well in the Raspbian community, see this link Microsoft GPG key
and Microsoft INFILTRATES Raspberry Pi OS! and Microsoft Compromising Raspberry P

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Thank you for the information.

Interestingly, my NEMS Linux server has not added the Microsoft repository. Only applies to certain Pi models or Linux builds?

Currently only Raspberry obviously.
I have three more devices here with different Linux and no inception so far.

Even if using Microsoft Edge for Linux doesn’t add the repository.

Note that this was an upstream change by the Pi Foundation folks, rather than something piaware-image-specific.


Planned workaround for PiAware sdcard images in 5.0: On sdcard upgrade to 5.0, try to disable vscode.list if it was · flightaware/piaware-support@620c0c1 · GitHub