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Anyone seen the Microsoft invasion of piaware?

Someone pointed out that Microsoft has installed a a trusted key in another distribution of Buster V10 so I thought I would see if it’s in piaware, sure enough it is. Anyone know what is going on and why this iOS in here?

Here is what piaware is showing:

cd /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/
flightaware-archive-keyring.gpg microsoft.gpg

Here is a YouTube video explaining how to remove it if you want:

Not sure what it’s doing in Buster or if it really matters. Thought I would post this question to the group and see if anyone has any thoughts or ideas…


This has already been mentioned

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Already explained by @obj

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When I see a “news” post, with some “extraordinary important” title, and the link below is on YouTube… I immediately assume this is just another bait to click on a video, to generate ad revenue.
Well, the joke is on you, I use (since maybe 10 years ago) a blocker that cuts off all the adds in YT.

Right now I use mostly Disenter (with it’s integrated Shields), but on Firefox, or Edge, uBlock Origin works wonders.

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To those that got their panties in a bunch regarding Microsoft, I apologize. Prior to posting the above question, I searched for “Microsoft” and did not find any threads referencing that key word.

To those that felt necessary to post derogatory comments regarding my motives, all I can say is I don’t like when big brother sticks their nose into my business. From being a computer loaded with bloatware to all the web site data collection links within most web pages sucking off your information for Google or Facebook. As far as trying to create “Click Bait”, I have no association with that YouTube creator or channel and the video posts instructions on how to disable the Microsoft repository. You can draw your own conclusions as to whether you feel the need to keep it or remove it, your choice.


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And you post a link to a video on the Bigger “Do Evil” Brother? Surely that’s not to generate views and ad revenue…
Well, I am using Dissenter and all those ad interruptions are cut.

A link to the original post would be more fair.
This is the earliest link about this, from February 02 (the previous seems to have been deleted by the mods at Raspberry Pi foundation):

And more on February 04:

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A Good read on the subject:

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Has anyone else recognized that Microsoft Repository is not any longer used on latest Raspberry OS install?

Just reinstalled one of my devices for testing purposes and even after the sudo apt update & sudo apt upgrade the repository is not questioned any longer

More information here:

I did not talk about Piaware, i have reinstalled the device for a complete different purpose
It is in the latest Raspberry OS not included any longer.

I am talking about Raspberry OS with Kernel 5.10, release date March 4th 2021.
After the update/upgrade the repository is not added as before