PiAware 6.1?

Just now I visited the “My ADS-B” page for my receiver running the SD card image of PiAware 6.0.

There was a message in an orange banner saying this site has not yet upgraded to PiAware 6.1. That fact was also reported under the anomalies section.

sudo apt update doesn’t detect any available updates from the FlightAware repositories and the message is no longer appearing. I wish I had captured a screen shot of it!

Anyone have any info on version 6.1?

It’s just a fix for the problem with rtlsdr-ppm on sdcard images only.

No need to upgrade if you’re unaffected (actually, that anomaly shouldn’t be happening if you’re on 6.0…)

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Release is in progress - it got partially released but not all the pieces were in place and I’m currently fixing it up which is why you’d have seen inconsistencies.

You should be able to apt upgrade now if you want. (But as tom said - quoting me, actually - this is just a fix for the rtlsdr-ppm problem and there’s no need to upgrade if you’re unaffected by that)

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Yes it was your remark indeed, I didn’t include that part sorry :relaxed:

Just upgraded to 6.1 via apt full-upgrade and all seems to be running smoothly.

Can I ask how you get that graphical status page? Mine seems to be console only (?)


you have to install Piawareweb for that.

Copy-paste following script in terminal:

sudo bash -c "$(wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/abcd567a/piaware-ubuntu20-amd64/master/install-piaware-web.sh)"

After that you have the graphical page.

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