PiAware & Mode S Beast


If I’ve missed a trick and this has been covered elsewhere then my apologies …

but is there a definitive description of how to set up a Beast to feed Skyview and send data to FlightAware? There was talk of the latest software being compatible …

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If you have the Beast directly connected to the Pi: Use the piaware sdcard image and configure piaware-config receiver-type beast (and reboot). It will start a beast-splitter process to talk to the Beast and forward it to piaware / skyview / port 30005 etc

If you have the Beast connected elsewhere and available over the network: configure receiver-type relay, receiver-host, receiver-port.


Thank you so much for this! My apologies for asking such a basic question …

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Mode S Beast in and working; all I’ve done is tell the Pi3 it’s a Beast rather than RTL-SDR. Now plane count and message count is reduced but msg rate is up! Something I’ve neglected to do?

A filter seems to make no difference …

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That’s fairly consistent with what I’ve seen - the Beast seems better at extracting messages from a busy environment, but the rtl-sdr has better sensitivity to weak / distant messages so gets a slightly better range.


depends on filter-type and location + you could try a lna in front what in my testings with a radarcape (which is receiver/decoder wise very similar to beast) increased the range a little over the rtl-sdr dongle and further increased message rate …


i’m wondering if that behavior is less a hardware thing but is caused by much better decoder code in dump1090-mutability?


Oh. Counts coming up … watch this space!


what is the message of these seven words?