Mode-S Beast & GPS Decoder Board


This Mode-S Beast GPS Decoder Board, will it work like normal RTL-SDR with Dump1090-fa and PiAware in Debian / Raspbian?

If yes, any idea on how to do the setting / configurations?

I tested it on Windows and found out that there are 2 COM Ports - Silicon Labs Dual CP2105 USB to UART Bridge Enhanced COM Port & Standard COM Port



Yes this is supported by PiAware. See the advanced configuration page for more information: You need to set the receiver type to “beast.”


Hi Sir,

Thank you for the reply. If the PiAware is "Debian Package Add-on and not the PiAware (SD Card), will it also work as well?

How to change the receiver type from RTLSDR to Beast by command line or configure in any file?

FUNG Sai Hou


sudo piaware-config receiver-type beast


Hi EmilK,

Thanks for the info. I will try it. Have a nice day.

Sai Hou