Mode-S Beast & GPS Decoder Board

This Mode-S Beast GPS Decoder Board, will it work like normal RTL-SDR with Dump1090-fa and PiAware in Debian / Raspbian?

If yes, any idea on how to do the setting / configurations?

I tested it on Windows and found out that there are 2 COM Ports - Silicon Labs Dual CP2105 USB to UART Bridge Enhanced COM Port & Standard COM Port


Yes this is supported by PiAware. See the advanced configuration page for more information: PiAware - Advanced Configuration Settings - FlightAware You need to set the receiver type to “beast.”

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Hi Sir,

Thank you for the reply. If the PiAware is "Debian Package Add-on and not the PiAware (SD Card), will it also work as well?

How to change the receiver type from RTLSDR to Beast by command line or configure in any file?

FUNG Sai Hou

sudo piaware-config receiver-type beast


Hi EmilK,

Thanks for the info. I will try it. Have a nice day.

Sai Hou

Hi everyone, does this board make gps timestamp with mode-s?

can you advise who makes this board (the mfg name is covered by the serial number label in the photo)

Made by:

The webpage then directs you to jetvision for distribution.

thanks wiedehopf (by the way, between these emails and your mods to RRDTOOLS i’m getting good at spelling your name!)

also, on the RRDTOOLS, how long does it usually take for the main chart (ADS_B Message Rate) to start autoscaling the vertical axis?

It took me a while to spell correctly wiedehopf’s name. :slight_smile:

I still find difficulty to pronounce it as in German languange all alphabets have to be pronounced, no silent alphabets. The hardest for me to pronounce is the pf combination at the end.

You can click on the graph then right click and save the picture and share it.
Then i will know what you mean. Is it updating properly?

The autoscaling should instantly work sometimes it just records bogus big values.
Not too sure what the reason is but then the scaling is whacky.

Yeah the name is not the easiest but i don’t mind if someone gets it wrong.

Like if someone would call you Hoopoe or Pupăză :wink:

you’re up late?
well, as i was attaching the image it scaled properly, so i guess 24 hours did the trick…anyway i have now added the graphs to my reference side (originally i had on the experimental side only). these tools are great. i would note that on both ref and exp sides with gain of -10 i saw 13% to 16%>-3dB and 2.5%>-3dB with gain of 49.6. what surprised me was that i had higher aircraft reported numbers with gain of -10 (13%to 16%>-3dB). i still recall david baker’s comment re being able to decode up to -1dB RSSI. at least on my system piaware seems able to still decode with a very “overloaded” gain.
when i drop to a gain of 49.6 i see a drop of about 1.1% in aircraft reported from the -10 gain.

That’s to be expected.
Any plane you won’t see close in you have seen before when it was further away from you. (Or will see later when it is further away)
So you will lose in Positions/hour but not in overall aircraft seen.

Is this an add on board for the Mode-S Beast?
I can’t find it on the Jetvision site.

My guess would be that this is the board produced for one of the Flightfeeder modes or something similar.
You would also need a special antenna for it to make the GPS work probably.

Is the board on the picture available for purchase somehwere?

I was thinking it may be part of the Radarcape Rx, which appears to be a development of the Mode-s beast.

Have a look here, one of the pictures is this board in a flightfeeder: UR7HBQ: Посылка от FlightAware - FlightFeeder ADS-B приёмник на базе Raspberry Pi 3 UPD 18.01.2017

I googled for Radarcape pictures and believe it is a different board.

wiedehopf, I think this is it (part of the page from your previous link).

yep its basically a mode-s beast with GPS on board.