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PiAware Map Icons

Hello, newbie here… Just got my first PiAware installation configured and running!! Whoot!!!

Just a quick question. I see there are different icons for different aircraft types, that’s understandable. However, why are some aircraft so much bigger than others?


Thanks in advance.

That’s not dump1090-fa i think.

Looks like dump1090-mutability.

Also if you have piaware running, seems you haven’t claimed it yet: https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/claim

How did you set up that system?


Last time i’ve seen such icons was on your retro interface a while ago, simulating the original dump1090 interface.
That was one of the reasons i didn’t use it any longer

The icons also try to reflect aircraft size/model. Look at an A380 icon for example.

It can also change, once more info is decoded.

That’s for sure, but the relation between the aircraft is not optimal.