Piaware - IP-Settings and other Feeder

Today here for first time is running a Rasberry Pi with Piaware and Nooelec Receiver.

It works directly after install.

Now I want to make some fine tuning :slight_smile:

I search for the networksettings, I want chance to a static IP in my network. Which command line commands I have to use for this?
On which place can I save a scriptfile to do this settings on each reboot?

I dont want use the data only for flightaware. Also share to FR24 and Planfinder. (and by the way… how can I get a FR24 “station key”. Only I have a login and pwd.
Someone can help me with a step-by-step line-by-line tutorial. I’am absolutley new in Linux and Rasberry.

many thanks for help


See below for plane finder

Here is one for all three

For fixed IP address, see any raspberry pi support site
Try raspberrypi.org
I just have my router give my RPIs fixed dhcp ip addresses.

To directly assign a static IP, you’ll want to edit /etc/network/interfaces. “man interfaces” has a wealth of information on the format of that file.

A simple static IP configuration for eth0 looks something like this:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

thanks …

both is working now… piaware and fr24 and wioth my static ip…