Piaware in a mobile setup (car, hiking, ...)



I absolutely like the idea of the idea of the FlightFeeder for Android and have used on several occasions.

But the battery life I get from my smartphone (in addition to my phone being unable to do USB OTG and charging in parallel) let me look for an alternative solution.

I now favour a Raspberry Pi with a powerbank of considerable size attached for mobile feeding.

Questions: since this setup is physically mobile but with the standard piaware load does behave like a fixed base station, do I have to take special precautions when feeding without constantly updating my position manually?

I posses several USB “gps mouses” which I could easily attach to the Pi but that surely will need some adoption of the feeder software.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.



Currently you’ll need to update the feeder position manually. I’d also suggest turning off mlat while you’re mobile. With mlat off, you only really need to do this when you’ve moved substantially (10km+).

The next version of piaware has some functionality to talk to a local gpsd for feeder position, so that should help once it’s available.


In the meantime, you could use Stratux connected to FltPlan GO. It’s all standalone.


Just bumping this - I was thinking it would be cool to toss a RPi in my car, use my 4G hotspot and feed data while cruising around, whether it’s commuting to work - or a road trip. Wiring the RPi to ACC. to turn on when the car starts.

I don’t want to break things - so I’ll wait until there’s some automated GPS integration/location updating.