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Feeder Results Really Puzzling

As I had a spare sdr dongle, Pi 3, and a gps dongle laying around, I decided to put a PiAware feeder in the car just for fun. To my surprise, it works pretty well, considering the antenna is a little cheapy that is not optimal and is mounted inside the car. The Pi is only powered when the car is on. I usually drive the car for at least a short period every day, however that didn’t happen yesterday (November 27). I was rather surprised to see on the feeders statistics page planes and positions reported for yesterday, however it also indicates no positions were recorded in the hourly received reports graph. How is this possible?

The aircraft reported numbers are based on days starting at 00:00 UTC. So the numbers you are seeing for the 27th actually started at 19:00 EST on 26th.


Plug in a cheap USB GPS/GNSS and MLAT should work too.
Just make sure that gpsd is running.

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You’d have to constantly restart piaware, i’m not certain the position is updated otherwise.

Best to just deactivate MLAT for a mobile feeder.

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Bingo! That was it. I was driving unusually late on the 26th.

Thank you,@LawrenceHill!

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I do have a GPS dongle plugged in. And it seems to work (sometimes). Hasn’t been a big enough issue for me to look into it yet.

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As long as the GPS dongle is working and gpsd is running it does seem to update the PiAware map location as you drive.

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