GPS Coordinates & Elevation Autoupdate

I have a Piaware kit that I run in my car from time to time as I drive through the Midwest. I have often though that if I simply added a GPS receiver to my kit, the location feed could be incorporated into a restart of piaware every X minutes to have accurate location and elevation setup.
I have been 200 miles from home picking up airplanes that are near where I am parked and seeing the display say that I am picking up data from a plane 300 miles away even though it is only 100 from my current location.

It’s not dynamic, as far as I know, it’s static and one of the settings in the config file. The likely reason is that the main use for the coordinates is MLAT calculations.

I think if you run GPSD then Piaware till take the position info. A cheap $20 dongle should work.
I know it does something similar on my radarcape.

I remember OBJ commenting about this in the past.
I found this reference

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Thanks for the reference.

PiAware will check GPSd and will update the coordinates automatically every few minutes and send the GPS position update to FlightAware.

There are a few people that have set this up using their car’s internet connection or their cellphone’s internet connection. I haven’t heard of any problems.

Most people use one of those cheap ADSB antenna with magnetic mount to place on top of their car.

FlightAware has some timing checks that will prevent MLAT from being used so I suggest you turn it off.