Pi Shutdown

What’s the best way to shutdown a Pi3 based ADS-B tracker?
Putty & VNC won’t connect.

I’d like to shutdown so I can move it to another location.

Thank you.

In this case, simply cut power. Not the best way, but I never had problems doing it.

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I’ve had HC-06 bluetooth modules installed on some of my PI for a few years now. While some of the instructions have changed because of a newer OS, the parts refering to configuring the HC-06 itself remain the same. It allows you to use the console to command the pi just like using a serial connection so shutting down and rebooting are simple tasks. I use Blueterm on android and still use putty on a PC.

Not sure, but isn’t shutdown an option in the config menu on the statistics page?

Well remembered @biekerc!!!
We all have seen it a million times, but did not recall !


PiAware must be connected to FlightAware for remote commands to work. “Halting” is usually a bad way to reset since you need to physically power cycle the device.

I actually use some IOT power outlets. They measure power usage and allow my home automation thingy to monitor and control the device. Home automation hubs are $50/each and IOT power outlets are $10-15 each when on sale. I can then click a button on my phone to power on or off an outlet.

I pulled the plug on it, it’s recovered and working fine. SSH & VNC available now too, not that VNC shows anything.

I did find the “halt device” option, but ignored it as I was looking for a remote shutdown option.

Anyway, I moved it to the loft, seems to be working well.