Pi FlightAware Rasberry PI Wifi Hotspot


The Rasbperry PI version network configuration is generated automatically by fa_config_generator so network changes file are overwritten on reboot.

How can I customize the network configuration? Eth0 can stay as it.

I want my PI3 to offer a hotpsot with IP address so that my OZrunaways on my IPAD can see ADSB

hotspot as in https://elinux.org/RPI-Wireless-Hotspot

Currently the only options are to connect the Pi to the local network via WiFi, not what I need. Eth0 can do that.


It sounds like you are using a PiAware SD card image installation. You need to build a custom Pi. Install the Raspbian OS and then install the PiAware packages. This is described as a “package install” on our web site.


Piaware does have some configurations for static IP but this isn’t for changing the wifi into a hotspot (aka access point).

You can turn off managed configuration with the following command line option
“piaware-config manage-config no”

You can show all the current configurations to make sure everything is setup correctly. Without manage configuration on the piaware and dump1090 settings are not updated on reboot.
“piaware-config -showall”

Follow the instruction you posted to change your wifi into an AP.

I should mention it is much easier to have the PiAware connect to a wifi and then have your IPAD connect to the same wifi. Both the devices can see each other since they are on the same local network.


Just add in your phones or Cellular ipads personal hotspot details into the wpa_supplicant.conf file on your sd card. see https://core-electronics.com.au/tutorials/raspberry-pi-zerow-headless-wifi-setup.html

You can have more than one Network…

Network 1


Network 2



Thank for the useful and prompt reply