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Piaware local network?

Hi, I’ve got piaware running in a Pi0w and it was working great. Since then I have moved and have no WiFi but would still like to view the piaware ADSB map.
Is there a way to setup a WiFi network broadcast directly from the Pi that I can connect to sort of like a hotspot?

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Without internet connection (to the Desktop/Laptop on which you will view the map), the SkyView/dump1090-fa map will NOT download & display map tiles. You will see airplanes on a blank page.

When I travel and take a Pi with me I turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot in my Android phone and use the same SSID and password as my Wi-Fi network at home.

The Pi then just connects to the hotspot and behaves as normal.

My tablet connects to the same hgotspot so I can still see the Skyview/Skyaware map of the planes in range.

I usually turn off MLAT as it significantly increases the data traffic on my phone.


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