Physical Address of Airport

Can anyone provide me with the physical address of the airport?


Which airport?

and to think they gave the guy a P.H.D.


Hey, I resemble that remark!

Doc, to help you save a little face, you can find the answer yourself. This usually works within the US, hit-or-miss otherwise.

In the blue toolbar at top left, hold your mouse over Flight Planning, and choose Airport Information from the menu that appears. Type in the airport code or browse by state. For the airport code KBJC, I get
On the Airport Summary tab, I get the owner’s mailing address, the GPS coordinates, and a lot more. On the Map & Diagram tab, I get a Google maps inset.

Try 100 Airport Way.

Airnav has the info of the owner/ manager and so does the FA info page for the airport. This may or may not be the physical address of the airport.

In instances such as these, I think it is a “Google is your friend” situation.