Foreign Airport Info


First, if this topic has been done earlier I appoligize. I don’t get much chance to visit this board.

I was tracking the flight of a Falcon 2000 earlier today flying from Cinncinati to an airport named Providencials (MBPV) which the track map shows to be somewhere in the eastern Caribbean but for which FlightAware has no airport information. I’ve noticed that there are other foreign airports that FA has no info for so I went on a 'net search to see if I could get some help and came up with this site:

They list airport info by country and also have a look-up box at the top of the page where you can plug in the identifier provided by FA.

This is by no means a slap at FA. The guys do a great job here providing a LOT of FREE services that I for one really appreciate. Perhaps they will add foreign airport info at a later date but until they do the site listed above is a big help.


The flight data here is from the FAA, and therefore flights can only be tracked in and around FAA airspace. Maybe foreign airport info is in the works, but it is not exactly a priority since the site can’t even track flights in and out of them.


^^^^^ This situation is perfectly understandable. I just get curious sometimes as to where these flights are going. MBPV, for example is located on one of the Turks islands.


This is the site that I use the most for codes and such:

But as long as you have one handy to decipher the information, you’ll be in good shape.


Just copy the name of the airport into the search box at Google and you will find out all you want about the airport.


So you’re saying we should just Google it? :wink:


Thought that’s what I said.
By the way, it’s “do a Google search.” Google does not like their name being a verb (i.e. Google whatever).


That was his point. (i think)


Thank you cfijames, that was my point. :slight_smile: