caribbean support


Can flight aware add to their airport information sistem, the international airport joaquin balaguer ( La Isabela) ( MDJB) from dominican republic, this is the airport with major movement of general aviation in santo domingo which is the capital of dominican republic…and also if posible, track the traffics in this area? :smiley:


I 2nd that!
Most of the Caribbean “was” my old stompin ground including Santo Domingo and La Romana. Tho I doubt that FA can do anything about tracking in that area. It could be possible for FA to track from SJU and Grand Turk. I would love to see it.


If you read the Questions/Answers, you’ll see that FlightAware gets its data from the FAA. If it’s not tracked by the FAA then it’s not on FlightAware.

The link to the Questions/Answers is also available on every page in FlightAware.

You would do yourself a great service in using FlightAware by reading the Questions/Answers and browsing through the forum. Many questions that you may have - or may have and didn’t know you had - will be answered.


thanks Damiross, you are right.