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We are the owners of a small airport in N. Florida (Kathrinstadt Airport, identifier: 2FA7)… I would like to know why, when I enter our airport identifier into Flight Tracker, no ATC radar comes up in the results? If I enter St. Augustine (SGJ), Jacksonville (JAX), Kay Larkin/Palatka (28J), or any other airport I get an ATC radar image showing the local air traffic… but why not ours? Hope someone can help.

Many thanks!

Jack & Kate Russell
Kathrinstadt Airport


I think mduell can give you the definative answer. My guesses are:
Flight Aware tracks primarily aircraft on an IFR flight plan.
The airport code you enter must be in the ICAO format, i.e. KABC. I don’t know if there are plans to change that or not.
With 700 feet of runway I doubt you get many IFR movements!
Try entering one of the busier local airports you mentioned, I tried KSGJ, when the page comes up look above the departures table, you will see a small map. If you left click on that map it will open a new window that shows all IFR traffic within about 100 miles. You may see an occasional aircraft receiving VFR advisories too. I’m afraid that’s about all you’re going to get.



Apologies for the lack of a map, I’ll see if I can get that fixed.

As far as operations go, we’ve never seen a flight to or from 2FA7.