PAFA? Where'd you go!?


I’ve noticed that fairbanks International Airport has no airport informatino nor does it have tracking for flights to/from. My theory is that being still “new,” not all the info is in yet?


You have entered the FAA identifier instead of the ICAO code. FA only uses the ICAO codes for arpts. Enter the ICAO code PAFA.


Gotcha! I found exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! We just started using this site this week (we were told about it by a staff member at Winchester Municipal Airport in Winchester, TN). I can’t tell you how great this is and how valuable the resource is for friends and family who may want/need to know where we are when we fly.


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When in doubt about the identifier used on FA for a particular airport try searching here.

A very handy little utility.


James the Elder


mressig, this is exactly why I tell people to use the FAQs and the forum search feature. This exact topic is covered in this forum at Alaska Airport Codes.