Fairbanks, Alaska

Why do all flights to and from Fairbanks (PAFA) show up as either result unknown or not found?

THIS flight is OK.
Alaska 118 does not have a “result unkown.”

[quote=“FlightAware FAQ”]What does “result unknown” mean?

It means that the estimated arrival time of the flight has passed without FlightAware marking the flight as “arrived.” There are the most likely reasons why this happened:

* The aircraft left the coverage area of the FAA and FlightAware is no longer receiving updates
* The FAA did not send an arrival message for a flight, which is rare.
* FlightAware did not receive or lost the arrival message, although this is even more rare.


So one of the above probably happened.

Agreed…maybe “all” was too broad a term? but under airport code try PAFA or KFAI…my point is that Fairbanks International Airport is not very thoroughly “represented”. That is to say, flights to and from Fairbanks are reported and tracked much less thoroughly or completely than flights to small or private airports like Landings Condominium (82IS) or Manitowish Waters (D25).

Something strange is going on with Alaska… aside from PANC, the controllers are using the 3 digital IATA code for most airports instead of the 4 digit ICAO code.