Result Unknown


I have seen a couple of “result uknown” status for my IFR arrivals in the last month. The dlights have not been unusual.
See: … 740Z//KUKT

I also have a completely differant airplane on my tail number.
I have been picking up IFR clearences at differant fixes and not airports and I wonder if this causes a problem.



The answer to your question, along with many other questions about FlightAware (aka FAQ) is availble by clicking the “questions/answers” link at the top right of your screen.

Here’s the answer to your specific question.


This flight was also missed: … /KETX/KMPV
This is not my tail # but shows up anyway: … /KALB/KOXC

If you look at my tail # you will see that 3 out of the last 5 flights had a problem. Going back farther there is another problem with this flight: … /KUKT/KMPV

Success rate on the flights listed is 3/7.

Something has to be going on.