My 3 MONTH Flight


Can you please fix a glitch in your program. If you plug in my tail number in the “LIVE FLIGHT TRACKER” (5913F), you will still see my flight from September as active. I assume the glitch is because I was using Flight Following and my canceling of it did not get picked up for some reason.


The flight status is “result unknown” which means it completed in an uncertain way; it is no longer active. We always show your most recent completed flight on the site until you fly again.


Actually, if this were true, what has happened to all my more recent flights succesfully completed using Flight Following?


It’s FAA policy not to send VFR flights to us, so VFR flights rarely if ever appear on our site. Have you completed any more recent IFR flights?


All my flights have been non-IFR, including the one on the site. According to other comments on the Forum, you do get FLight Following flights, and I have flown several since the one that is still out there. Is it only certain Centers that provide you this data?


It is a long standing FAA policy to not send us data on VFR flights but in the early days we still received data on a lot of VFR flights. On August 22, 2010 the FAA mostly fixed the bugs allowing VFR flights through and we’ve seen some but very very few since then. This has been noted in the forums several times. I do not believe it is related to which Center handles your VFR flight.


I also experienced this.