Photo Incorrectly Tagged


Hello, the feature of showing the highest rated photograph as a picture for an airlines flight is great, but theres a problem with one. For Ameriflight Cargo flights (AMF), all the BE99 flights have a picture of a SW4 Metroliner. This picture - … tes/page/1 so it will show on the AMF BE99 flights, as this user currently just has it listed as an AMF aircraft.

Here’s a BE99 flight as an example, showing the SW4 as the picture -

Much thanks!


one way you can get the right picture to show up is by voting down the incorrect picture and voting up one of the correct aircraft.

#3 … hp?t=13069


This is true, and this is initially what I did, but the problem is is that there is a picture of a BE99 tagged as Ameriflight, but the user didn’t tag the plane as a BE99, so therefore it doesn’t show up on AMF’s BE99 flights. I was hoping it would work, but with incomplete tagging, it doesn’t do much good!


Fixed both.


Youre the man Mark!