Incorrect photos and data

I was unable to find this topic so I thought I would ask.
How would I as a user help to correct a discrepancy such as incorrect picture with Aircraft tracking page or data or incorrect data. I have two examples. Hopefully they will clarify my nebulous question. I only hope this is not a intermittent error. … N27E%3bo=0
this is not Cessna T207A Turbo Stationaire 8 … 88ML%3bo=0
Clearly this picture is not N88ML.
I hope this is helping and not just nitpicking. I hate nitpickers

Wrong link regarding N88ML. This works better to clarify my question.

OOPS! I gotta NOTAM this morning saying my N88ML photo had been deleted. It had a copyright label. I guess I opened a can of worms. That is fine. I must have uploaded the wrong file. The good thing is the thumbnail is now correct for N88ML. Albeit not the best quality.

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Even the site OWNERs can’t get it right…

courtesy of Mr Daniel Baker.

Since when has a Gulfstream 550 been a single engine spam-can? :laughing: … ertxt=443M

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:open_mouth: :laughing: Is there something there? All I’m seeing is a field with a white dot in the middle of it. :confused:


Yes. I took that picture from a long way away and the heat waves make it a bit blurry. If I crop it, it would be too small to up load. It is probably the worst picture I have uploaded to FlightAware.

Also thanks for the first reply. I feel rather vindicated.


:open_mouth: Sorry I didn’t realise it was your photo. :blush: :blush:

Yea, unfortunately the uploader mistagged that photo.

I deleted the long distance photo of that Cessna due to the watermark/copyright notice from another site at the bottom. If you’re the copyright holder please upload an unmarked version.


I did that this morning first thing. Right after I got the NOTAM that it had been deleted.
I figured that was in the preceding posts.

I’m not sure which photo was mistagged and which uploader mistagged it. But I don’t think I mistagged the photo of the cherokee so it must of been the other guy. But now that all the links have been fixed it’s really moot. Except for the picture of the Stag, it’s still a “Cessna T207 Turbo Stationair 8”.

:shock: Sorry I didn’t realise it was your photo. :blush: :blush:

No problem RobK. You’re posts made this whole string worthwhile.

The uploader of the Beech mistagged it… I corrected the tag to be BE17.

I’m finding about half the photos are mismatched for the last day or so.

For example

Looks right to me.

Yeah well, it was showing this plane (apparently a 182 with tundra tires).

Photo of N388AC is their old Falcon 50 - it’s a G550 now…

“Half” Seems a bit extreme! :confused: