Correcting photos

How do we “correct” photos that have been uploaded by other users.

There are countless photos uploaded with wrong tail numbers or even the wrong type of plane or airline. :open_mouth:

That’s actually a very good question???

Many aircraft as they are sold off and replaced with newer aircraft - have the photos of the older non current aircraft and type.

Likewise - many posters have misfiled their photos with incorrect information including wrong aircraft types.

Another suggestion would be to allow fellow FlightAware members to comment on photos - similar to flickr photos.

And have the members avatar or name next their vote, mainly to see who 1-stars pretty much every photo .

Today, alone, I have seen a MD80 labeled as an Embraer 145; a Falcon 2000 labeled as a Falcon 20; an Embraer 145 with the TAIL NUMBER clearly visible incorrectly labeled; an ASA CRJ-700 become the photo for a skywest CRJ-200.

There’s got to be a way we can “edit” these.

Just live with it. It’s a reflection on the uploader, not you as the viewer.

My view’s always been that if I want to track a flight I’ll go to FlightAware. If I want to look at pictures of aircraft I’ll go to or

Yes your hatred of the FA photo section has been noted for over a year, now it’s WHEN IS THE FORUM GOING TO BE FIXED, you could always start your own site :bulb: :imp:

Please show me where I said I hated the photo section? I’ve indicated that I don’t care for it but that’s a long ways from hating it.

I am not the only one who has asked when the forum is going to be fixed.