Misidentified Photos

Is there a way to submit corrections for photos? I can only find a method for updating my own photos so far.



4 different aircraft types are pulling up under this N-number.

All 4 types are showing “Cessna Caravan” as the a/c type, but 3 are obviously old warbirds.

also mandatory comment. Some photos of a beach or something that have no apparent relavance to aviation appear and there’s no info as to what they’re supposed to be, not even a tail number to associate it with their aircraft in some cases.

In a side note, anybody know why no photos are visible to me? All I see are green circles/dots. :cry:

You probably have your security settings set too high, and they are protecting you from malicious script being sent via .jpg images.

If that is the cause of the problem, you can fix it by adding flightaware to your whitelist.