PHJH is in Nebraska??

Can somebody fix this error? This is supposed to be Kapalua West Maui which it shows at the top of the page, but the information points to Hebron Nebraska.

Also why don’t you provide a simple e-mail address to send bugs to? Why do you force people to post this in a forum?

In no particular order, here’s my opinion why they do it this way:

Others outside of the FlightAware staff may be able to help you if you think you have come across a bug.

The FlightAware staff reads the forum every day and fix bugs quickly

There’s one less email address for them to pull junk mail out of (I’m not saying bug reports are junk)

Most importantly: They ask users to use the forum to report bugs. I realize you are paying a lot of money to use the services of FlightAware but, hey, that’s what they requested. I’m sure they’ll refund your money if you don’t like it.

I can see that they are very timely on replies too. :unamused:

You posted in the early evening on a Friday. I just don’t understand why the staff isn’t there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 or 366 days a year (depending on whether it’s a leap year or not).

You got to give them a chance to answer.

Nah, just give him his money back David! :unamused:

Wow, thanks for all of the very helpful replies!! Perhaps being able to e-mail support would be faster AND as an added bonus I wouldn’t have to post in a public forum and deal with inane commentary to boot.

You’re very welcome and a warm welcome to FA as well.

Thank you!

Now get off our lawn!

Thanks! I’ve been here almost 3 years.

Want a cookie…I just felt like lumping onto the other comments…I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning :imp:

Did somebody say “Cookie”???

Apparently the concern isn’t going to be addressed, so the thread should be deleted.

Again, may I suggest a simple e-mail address to send bugs to? And for the rest of you if you don’t have anything helpful to add, don’t.

One order of thicker skin to table 3 please!

I thought they were serving cookies? :frowning:

Hot cookies!

We fixed the underlying bug late today (it’s really buried and long-standing) but we didn’t want to push out the fix right before everyone goes home so expect this to be fixed on the site tomorrow.

Squeaky wheel gets the grease and all.

Now see Cascade, that’s how things work around here… Someone brings up an issue, we have some fun, with a sprinkle of sarcasm to keep it fresh and on the forefront of the minds of the FA staff, and whala.

Great work as always Mark, and a good catch by Cascade. :wink: We knew that you and the staff were hard at work with a fix.

Thanks guys, much appreciated…

Yea, Mark, what he said. You guys have a quality product here.

Thank you for taking care of it! :smiley: