Anyone know why the bit of variation in the A/C type?


Will be the first Phenom I’ve ever seen… too bad I’ll be a mile away, at home, as the crow flies, but I’ll be able to see the whole takeoff

Bastards canceled the flight plan it seems…


E50P is correct, but since it’s new FSS/controllers/etc probably aren’t very familiar with it.

Thought they got the info from the flight plans?

The flight plans may not have the correct code on it. It could also be that the code had a typo in it when it was entered into the ATC computer.

This one looks to be about 10 days old. Not a bad looking little guy, apologies for my wing in the way the BWI Signature Gestapo was eyeing me up as I took the pics… … itions.txt

Here is a website for every Phenom question answered;

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Currently 44 Phenom 100’s on the US register; Click Here

I’ve seen one in the air recently… interesting looking little things they are.

Ahh, scratch that, now that I think about it, it was a Premier not a Phenom. Another interesting little thing.

I’ve yet to see the Embraer in person, but in photos from the side (especially the photo above in this thread) they look alot like Premiers. I think the EMB is a little leaner, doesn’t quite have that bird beak nose, and looks a little less clunky, but they have the same shape, maybe because they’re so short and have a relatively high tail.

I really like the Phenom’s looks especially in the house gold and black colors.

Phenom 100 N131ML

Premier 1A D-ISAG