Phantom flight BRM600


This phantom flight is showing up every morning arriving into KBED for the last 4 months. Is there any way to fix it / delete it:?:

BRM600 Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Intl (CYOW) Sat 07:10 EST unknown Sat 08:27 EST


Most likely not. The data comes from the FAA, secondly the area you mention is outiside of the Flight Aware service area.


so we are stuck with this flight on our arrivial screen for when/ever?


Yup. Just ignore it.


Looks like it’s going to KSYR now.


BRM or “Boomerang” has not operated for the last several years. Boomerang was bought out by Execaire and the two Mu-2s operate out of CYOW with EXA6## flight numbers. I suspect nobody ever thought to cancel the centre stored flightplans for the BRM flights which automatically get fired out into the system by the American ACC. There will never be an active BRM flight…only thing that might happen is someone out of coincidence gets the same squawk code and their flight will tag up with a BRM flight.

Here’s an example of one of the Execaire flights…

Just my 2 cents.