Do you think that there will ever be an airline that allows pets to be onboard? Think it would get respect from travelers? I think it would be good.

I would have to say negative. No real way to fight the allergies that people have with pet dander.

For once, a serious answer…

There was a proposal for an airline that would allow pets in cabin. However, I don’t know what became of them.

Pika1000: Shame on you. A serious answer? Really!

I am allowed one a day…

I think that was what my contract said.

dbaker, can you clarify that part of my contract?

I’m saying for people with pets and travel with pets all the time. There are a lot of them out there and people don’t like being appart from them like that, but they end up doing it but not before they cry. :cry:

Re-read what I said. I said there was a proposal for such an airline. However, I haven’t been able to find it now using Google.

My son and DIL have flown commercially with their Jack Russell Terrier in the cabin with them on several occasions in a soft-sided carrier they purchased for the dog.

I don’t recall which airlines, but he’s back home in MHT today so perhaps he’ll chime in with the info.



damiross I wasn’t refering to what you said I was telling Pika1000 what I ment by an airline for animals and there owners. Trust me I din’t overlook what you said, because when you write I keep on my feet to make sure of what you have to say because a lot of it is good info. :smiley:

Uhhh, I used to work for Air Wisconsin (groundhandling for UAX) and we allow pet in cabins…

Please accept my apologies, 88nitro305, for being so gruff.

I’m pretty sure many airlines (most, even?) allow for smaller dogs or cats in the cabin as long as they’re in an approved carrying case, and as long as that case or bag fits under the seat. They also must be up-to-date on their shots, and you have to bring the records w/ you. I’ve read up on it on AirTran’s website, as my wife wanted to take one of our Pomeranians to Florida with us last year. We ended up not taking her though. (The dog I mean :smiley: )

Crying is a part of life…they can get over it. Personally, as much as I love my dogs, I do NOT want them in the cabin with me. Too many animals can = bad smells, and if dogs get a whif of a cat, it is all over. Not to mention the birds! I don’t want to listen to a bunch of birds on a flight. Sure, there might be a SMALL, nah, miniscule would be a better description, demographic for it, but not enough to substantiate an entire airline.

Now that I think of it, could you imagine the bill just to clean the cabins???

As far as I was aware, UAX didn’t require the records for pet in cabin, just if they were gonna get stuffed in the bin.

What’s all the fuss about bringing a dog into the flight cabin? Every airline allows seeing eye dogs. There’s no challenge in dogs any more!

What you want to do is to bring your python on board!

Here’s how…

After that, go for bringing your pet skunk on board!

■■■ Taking raccoons (foxes, skunks) abroad from Japan ■■■

I took my cat with me from DCA to MCO (and back) inside the cabin back in December of 2001. The carrier had to fit under the seat, so I had to do a litte research on airliner seat measurements. I remember spilling cat litter and water all over the conveyor belt when going through security! :blush: I’m sure that was the highlight of their day. Kitty wasn’t too happy about the whole ordeal either.

I can’t remember whether it was Delta or USAirways. I’m pretty sure it was USAirways.

Seeing eye dogs are working, well-behaved animals.
Just because you think of your dog as your kid doesn’t mean everyone else does.
I’m getting tired of people thinking their mutts can go anywhere. I’ve been to outdoor festivals that were crowded and so many idiots thought it was okay to bring their mutt.

It’s an animal, for Pete’s sake. It is not a child.

Needlenose, I’ve got to hand it to you. Your posts make me laugh…BELLY laughs. I just got a visual of some poor guy trying to turn his kitty carrier to fit into the x-ray machine…cat litter & water spilling out the sides while said feline goes ape$h!t inside. The lifeless TSA folks probably loved you for that one. :laughing:
BTW, did it cause a security breach? I’m surprised they didn’t evacuate the terminal or shut down the machine for a 4-hour cleanup. :wink:

damirosss…I actually agree 100% with you. The reason I am so against this is due to MULTIPLE flights with small pets. It was a given that the pets would decide that 1/2 way through the flight, it was time to go to the bathroom. What was even worse was twice, the animal was sick. Animals sometimes are more prone to airsickness and the pressure changes when the cabin is pressurized. This tends to make some very sick. Not deathly sick, but stinky, runny poop and puking sick. Everyone knows how bad it can be if the fat guy in row 15 farts on a flight, even if you are in row 23. Same concept, only humans can control their gas…usually.

For anyone who want to know my source for animals, my sister is a board certified vet in Orange County, CA (Lake Forest area).

I was in row 15 - seat A. And I’m not fat! It was just too much trouble to get up and walk over two other people in seats B & C. And besides, the stewardesses had the beverage cart in the aisle between my row and the lavatory! What was I supposed to do?!? :open_mouth:


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