PLEASE scared to fly tomorrow


OK I am flying from Philly to Frankfurt tomorrow I have always been horrorfied about transatlantic flights. I fly US Airways.
What would happen during a transatlantic flight if there was a medical emergency??? Where would they land? How close would they be at all times to an airport? Any suggestions to ease my mind?
Is it safe to fly with an ear infection?


The aircraft will be within a couple of hours flights of an airport for most, if not all, of the flight.

Many flights also have medical persons aboard (as passengers, not crew members). Additionally, the cabin crew is trained in first aid.

I would check with a doctor if you have an ear infection. Based on my layman’s knowledge, there may be some discomfort. Here’s some websites you may wish to look at. I’ve only given them a cursory review after locating them using Google: … travel.htm


thanks the doc. told me my daughter (has the ear problems) should be ok he put her on antibiotics today and said I should take some Motrin but thats liquid can I even take that on board?

So they dont fly straight across the atlantic? I am horrorfied about being in a confined place for 9 hrs… just the thought someone could not get help during a medical emergency freaks me out. So land is usually within 2 hrs reach?


The flight itself should only be about 7 to 7.5 hours.

The first part of your flight will be along the east coast. Then, it’s south or over Greenland (there’s a couplle airports there that can accommodate your flight in case a diversion is needed), south of Iceland, and then you’re over Europe. Plenty of airports for medical diversions there.

The routes across the the Atlantic varies each day. See this discussion for information on the North Atlantic Track System.

Have a good time in Europe. I truly believe the safest portion of your trip will be on board the aircraft!


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Yes…it will… :wink:

Enjoy your flight and the trip… Tell us all about it when you return!



Ditto that… Take some pictures for us!

I love how in the touristy areas of London they have ‘Look Right -->>’ painted on the street corners.


You should be more concerned about the trip to the airport! THAT’S the scary part! :wink:


Far too many US tourists have had the misfortune of starting to cross a street and automatically looking to the left for oncoming traffic, only to have a bus approaching from the right smack them in the back of the head, or step off the curb into traffic.

Only takes a second of inattention to wind up with a catastrophe.


I think the OP is going to Germany.


Understatement of the year, having been there and done that.

I was “determined” that I was going to drive in the Cayman Islands because it was on the wrong side of the road and the wrong side of the car just so I could say been there done that.

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Believe Wazzu90 knows the original poster is going to Germany. He was just making an observation about London that was kinda related - they are both in Europe.


I guess they’re related, but if you ask a London native if they are a part of Europe they’ll probably say no, plus they drive on the Right side of the road and in Germany they drive on the left in the UK. So its not terribly relevant for the OP.

On a personal note. I recently rented a car in Ireland and my wife and I drove practically the entire country in two weeks. Manual transmission compact car. All i can say is that every new driver in the US should be required to spend a few days across the pond to make them better drivers. When i got home I started to leave the airport into oncoming traffic.


Bingo, you’re more likely to get in a car crash then a plane crash.


Sorry, I was just in agreement about the flight being the safe part of the trip. Euro street walking is far more dangerous. I’ve flown into Europe and out of GB and vice versa.


You really shouldn’t be streetwalking, I’m pretty sure it’s illegal over there too. Besides, think of all the diseases! :open_mouth:


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Also just for the record the aircraft being ETOPS (Extended Twin OPS) classified allows the aircraft to legally fly routes “more direct” instead of the usual required distances from alternate airports for twin engine aircraft. A non-ETOPS aircraft will take a longer route to remain within the distances of alternate airports. ETOPS aircraft go thru a different inspection process and are configured differently. You can rest knowing that the ETOPS program was developed because of the incredible reliability of modern jet engines on todays aircraft.