Pax who refuses to show ID


Show own ID into our own country to fly domestic?

Where is the freedom of we Americans have?

ID requested…answered, “No, thank you!”…

This video was filmed yesterday [June/20/2008] on Reagan National Airport (DCA), its not the international airport, which is Dulles (IAD)!…

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You’re right James, but isn’t my fault, CNN messes the video page. They do this, wasn’t the first time I’ve searched a video from them, and they did it! :imp:

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Werner mein freund, I posted the same link, it was embedded in the words “this link” in my original post.

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Little backwards if you ask me. You should be able to travel within your own country without showing I.D.? How do they know you’re American? I.D. Plus, you’re really fooling yourself if you think that’s the only way they’ll know who you are… if they want to know, they’ll find out.

Jim Harrison (1:12) is making no sense at all. The TSA doesn’t say you can only fly 4 times a month, no further than 3000 miles both ways on each flight… All you have to do is show an I.D. If you are a regular citizen you have SOME form of I.D… This is the government for Christ’s sake they know more about you than you do. They can call you and tell you what your wife is doing.


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The day came and went without much fanfare, but the equivalent of “Papers please, Comrade” is now a phrase you shall be destined to hear forever more.

“If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about, yes comrade?”

Liberty is dead.


[quote=“Ben Franklin”]They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.


Make a statement.


The TSA has every right to see your id, and has every right to deny boarding. These are just those types of people in America that have a goal of making everyone’s life hard. Seems like another case of politcal correctness, perhaps.



How about ?

And how about that Jim Harrison… Seriously what right/liberty is the TSA taking from you when they’re asking you to show your ID in order to board a plane. Are they really taking away your “fundamental right to travel” ? I honestly don’t think so. And is it really asking too much to whip out some ID when asked by a TSA agent ?

Honestly, Americans have been talking non-stop about terrorists for the past 7 years, and now that some “intelligent” measure is actually being implemented to protect the people, the people start whining. How about the Patriot Act ? How about the “if your skin is a tad too dark and your beard isn’t trimmed, we’re going to randomly search you” policy ? How about ITAR ? If only morons like Nick Kloiber or Jim Harrison could spend their time and energy on something that’s a little more worthwhile, I’m pretty sure this world would be a better place.


WTF does ‘stop to police’ mean? That makes no sense. OK, sure, we have a deal, I will stop to police your writing ever again, since no one can ever understand what saying you are . . .


This is gold. I agree with this completely.


Anyone who’s not willing to do something as simple as showing a form of identification seems like they have something to hide, IMO. :confused:


I have something to hide by refusing. Yep, thats it. Don’t you people get it? Law abiding citizens who think they have nothing to fear so they do not need rights will shortly have no real rights to worry about.

If you want 100% security then give them all up. Ok. You no longer have a right to challenge your detention, no longer have a right to challenge the evidence the government submits against you, you no longer have the right to a jury trial, if the government is right, then, why, its always right. The burden of proof is on YOU to prove you are NOT a terrorist. Thin you can? Ok, so thats the new rules - the government is always right. Why not? That is the logical conclusion of ‘why not show ID?’

The point of showing ID is what? Supposedly the government is checking names against a ‘database’ when you make a reservation. Teddy Kennedy is on that list. Not the Senator - the name.

How is security enhanced by ‘showing ID?’

All the person showing ID does is compare the name against the boarding pass name. Thats it. No list is checked. No comparison of names against wanted database. In fact, I have personally witnessed a person who used a fake drivers license with a picture of a person with a different SEX but the same name - get through TSA. So how hard would it be for terrorists using stolen identies to get on an airplane using a false name?

A bunch of teenagers at Berkeley showed that a guy called O. B. Ladin could travel.

Does THAT make you feel safe?

THEORETICALLY, Amin al Zawahiri makes a reservation on an airline in his name. The database spits out the name as being on the no-fly list. [Hopefully]. He goes to check in - and they tell him he can’t fly. THATS ALL. Has ANYONE ever seen ANYONE detained at a checkpoint who was not being a butthead? I have never seen a terrorist captured at a security checkpoint. Have you? So - how do we know this works?

How does name and ID matching keep weapons off airplanes?

I thought the SEARCH was supposed to do that? I could care less if Osama bin Ladin was sitting right next to me on an airliner. So long as he was confirmed that he had no weapons in his possession - then guess what - barring using his hands - he is perfectly safe. Just as safe as the nun they strip searched at security. It is the SEARCH that is meaningful, not the ‘papers please’ moment.

NONE of the Sept 11 ‘terrorists’ would have been denied boarding even under our CURRENT rules. So, whats the point?

ID checking is meaningless and contributes to security no one inch. It is theater - to make you FEEL safe.

Gosh, I’m glad I own my own airplane and can avoid this meaningless shuffle most of the time.

If we are going to have security, then lets have it. El Al style. Profiling. Racial, Ethnic, whatever. Keep the a$$holes off our planes and out of hte country. Seal the land borders - BOTH OF THEM. Detain ALL illegals in big camps until deportation. After all, it is for security right? ;Law abiding’ citizens have nothing to fear? Right?

You folks who are simple sheep doing as asked disgust me. Sorry, but you do, and you do not deserve even one freedom millions before you fought and died for, just so you can throw them away because you want to feel safe flying from Cleveland to St. Louis.


Sorry I must have come off wrong. I think checking IDs against a ticket most certainly is needed. Say I drop my ticket in the airport and someone else picks it up, they now have a free flight to wherever I was going.

You’re right, I don’t think checking IDs would be much help as far as security goes, but then once again as someone stated, how would the airports know who is an American and who isn’t?


Sorry I must have come off wrong. I think checking IDs against a ticket most certainly is needed. Say I drop my ticket in the airport and someone else picks it up, they now have a free flight to wherever I was going.

You’re right, I don’t think checking IDs would be much help as far as security goes, but then once again as someone stated, how would the airports know who is an American and who isn’t?


That, in my opinion, is pure BS.

In the United States, a person use to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

The government, in the name of “security,” demands identification from everyone who flies. There’s a few things wrong with this:

  • A terrorist is going to have immaculate ID. It’s going to match the face presenting it, it’s going to match the boarding pass.

  • The checking of ID doesn’t prove the person presenting it is actually that person. The ID checker looks at the ID, looks at the person, looks at the boarding pass. Guess what? It ain’t checked against any database to prove it is legitimate.

  • Right now, ID is being checked for traveling. In the name of “security,” what’s to prevent the government from demanding papers from anyone walking down the street who is just minding his own business and hasn’t done anything wrong?

My opinion is that in the beginning the government was here to serve the citizens. Over the years, it has become the government who is being served by the citizens. This has been happening in little bits.

I’m also of the belief that it is the airlines the truly want identification checked. They all have this stupid policy of the person who buys the ticket must use it. They have no way of allowing a person to let someone else use it. I think a person should be able to let someone else use his ticket provided he notifies the airline of a name change. What better way to make sure ticket user is the name on the ticket than having the government check for them?