AA Flight 2192? MIA-DCA-IAD


There was a local story yesterday…I should have posted this yesterday, but the flight was coming out of MIA to DCA and decided to divert to IAD. According to the news reports it had nothing to do with cerfew. Now according to the pissed off pax they interviewed on camera, the plane got to IAD, they were on it for an hour, they were deplaned through a lounge straight to the terminal and then waited for 2 hours for their bags. I don’t really give an “S” about all that but what I can’t figure out is the only late flight coming out of MIA is that flight number 2192 which shows it making it into DCA every night this past few days and no mention of going into IAD…why?

Yes and before someone corrects me I did see it routes CUN-MIA-DCA.


This is all a quote:

According to the local news:

Airport spokesman Rob Yingling tells WTOP Radio it took until nearly 3:30 a.m. before passengers finally made it into the terminal. Dulles sent out a mobile lounge to get the people off the plane.

When the passengers were allowed off the plane, they had to wait until 4 a.m. for their luggage because American didn’t have personnel on duty.

“We have a relatively small operation at Dulles and it was already closed up,” Smith says. “It took a while for us to call in some additional employees from home.”



I understand all that and really don’t care about it…I wanted to know why flight 2192 the latest flight scheduled from MIA-DCA shows it arr. DCA every night for the past 4 nights and no mention of diverting to IAD.


Can’t answer that. Thought you’d be interested in what may be the flight back to DCA: flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL9 … /KIAD/KDCA


Interesting…It looks like the 9676 flight number must be a number AA asigns to ferry flights due to the different a/c types with the same flight number.


That’s probably the only smiley face that flight got that night!