I’m going to going to KIAD for the first time in June, how is it there? Last time I went out to D.C., I flew NW to BWI. Are there many international flight, and what types of heavies? Also, are there any airlines that practivally run the place?


United operates quite a few international flights out of IAD, I think mostly via 772s. I personally haven’t been to IAD in probably 15 years. The last time I was there, I was fortunate enough to watch an Air France Concorde take off. That was something to see. :smiley:
Anyhow, there should be a pretty nice variety of heavies on hand when you get there, as Dulles is to DC what JFK is to NY: it’s the “unofficial” designated “international” airport, whereas DCA is like LGA in that it mostly handles domestics.


This is where FlightAware comes in handy. Just go to the IAD in the airport code box to he left (or click the link I just provided).
You can also find out more about the airlines at IAD by going to the IAD web page.


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I went there just last year. I flew Independence Air and got stuck with a 9hour delay. And ended up in Portland Maine instead of BTV because no flights were going there until the next day. Had to go that night because of a death in the fam. Anyways I walked up so stairs in the Independence Air terminal section and watch United 747’s and 777 and others in between. It was pretty fun. But the coolest part was watching the lightning strick all around the airport. All and All it was a good time there.



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