Dulles diversions into Baltimore?


I noticed these flights going into KBWI instead of KIAD, then routing back to KIAD. Any ideas why?


Thanks in advance.

JetBlast :slight_smile:


I ask that question before and was told that if the weather is bad at IAD than BWI is an option.


OPT828 is a Fractional Jet Company and its possible that their plans changed mid flight for any reason. But, the others probably diverted for weather like someone else said. I would imagine that BWI is a alternate for many flights into Dulles. I worked at an airport over the summer and 2 Jet Blue A-320’s came in due to weather problems at their intented destination and Jet Blue doesn’t even fly into the airport that I worked at so they were out of luck in trying to find a gate. The reason why they went back to IAD was because the airplanes that were diverted probably had later flights.