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I am not sure but it would be interesting to have an ID pass so we can enter airports to do somephotos and selfies around… would it be ok? what do you think?

Well, here in Europe I can enter any Airport without any id and take pictures, even selfies, however I would not want to post them here, if that is what you mean?

Yes, I think in Peru we can do the same in general and public areas. But we can not enter where we have the planes. In my case, I am curious and I would like to visit the tower. Interact with traffic controllers etc… etc… Years ago I used to enter because I had some known people working on those areas… it was fun…but nowadays, everything is restricted…as a part of Flight aware, I suggest to have a sort of ID, like a special club o VIP pass. Of course, as a pilot maybe…I do remember , I was in Clearwater, St.Petersburg airport once and I went to meet my pilot friend and he could walk around without restrictions in several rooms inside…I used to live around… I love airports and flights…that is why i am cooperating with this FlightFeeder.

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Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, that would probably be fun, but given what security is nowadays (and for good reasons, I think) this is very unlikely to happen. Just being part of flightaware might not help you there much, even though feeding is great fun, you learn a lot and this is a great community.

Maybe some airports have open days or give tours where you can take a look behind the scenes.

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FWIW, FlightAware doesn’t have any sort of special status that would give extra access at an airport.