CO pax shaken not stirred please … flight.cnn

Ok so from what I’ve heard the capt made an announcement, the seat belt sign was lit, she was talked to by a f/a…and still ended up in the bathroom. Hey when ya got to go ya got to go I guess…but it cost her.

Continental Airlines is gonna get sued for Acts of God. Fun stuff.

That Saturday, we had some VERY NASTY weather… The lady was at fault for getting up during turbulent weather, but she did in fact need to use the lav… Was it an emergency, we may never know… But one has to question… Did CAL knowingly fly into bad weather when they could have easily delayed this flight and let it pass… Did they fly their usual direct route, or did they try and go around some of the potential cells in the area… I am sure, as the lawyers have a field day with this case, some interesting things will come to light… :frowning:

Any mention of this in the HOU papers as to an outcome or pending litigation?

A spokeswoman for the hospital tells the “Chronicle” the family has asked that details about her condition not be released.

I also learned the flight had already been delayed 3 hours before taking off to HRL.

If you hear anything else, please keep us posted.

“Please don’t tell anyone I’m okay… That would make it hard for me to sue the airline!”

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