Continental Captian Dies inflight

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Here’s the flight. Should be landing soon.

Sorry kids… feed for Newark is down right now.

For all the sensationalism this story will elicit in the press, it basically comes down to a case of how the system works as planned.

Pilot incapacitated, co-pilot takes over. That’s why there’s two folks up front.

I hope he finds someone deadheading or a pilot on board to help with comms.

True, but it’s still a story- certainly not something that happens everyday on a major trans-Atlantic flight.

I’ve never flown trans-atlantic without at least three crew members, usually one capt and two FOs.

thats true - there are likely 2 FO’s on board . . . .

According the news there are 2 FO’s and a reserve crew.

lol sensationalist media:

The Port Authority says the co-pilot took control of the plane, along with a passenger who is a pilot.

from … _to_newark

Two co-pilots are in control of the plane, according to Federal Aviation Authority spokeswoman, Arlene Salac, quoted by the Associated Press.


Landed OK. Anybody surprised?

Nothing left to do now but mob the pax with TV cameras.

Love the headline from the first story:

HORROR: Continental Captain Dies Mid-Flight

As the story reports…

Officials say there are two first officers on the flight and a reserve crew as well. One of the first officers is piloting the plane.

Another Continental captain died in flight about 18 months ago (link to thread)

I seem to remember there was more discussion about it though - perhaps another thread on the subject somewhere - and that a passenger who had his private certificate got to help the co-pilot land the plane. IIRC he was basically there for moral support and in case something happened to the co-pilot before the plane touched down.

LOL - that journalist probably read something about the event 18 months ago and confused the two stories!! :laughing:

Now here’s the real story…

Why is FA showing a tracklog all the way back into Europe?


Here’s the *specific *flight: … /EBBR/KEWR … _to_newark

Story now reads:

There were initial reports that the co-pilot took control of the plane, along with a passenger who was also a pilot. That second additional pilot actually turned out to be an additional relief pilot on the flight crew.

…and it includes a link to FLIGHTAWARE’s LIVE track page of the flight.

Yep =a passenger who is a CONTINENTAL pilot! Probably non-revving but thats not dramatic enough. Spare crew? Prob not - extra crew member for the 8+hour scheduled time of the flight? Absolutely.

Here’s a traffic handling question regarding the flight. One of the news pieces said that the FAA indicated the plane would receive priority handling when it reached Newark. I half-expected to see the flight listed as a Lifeguard flight (since it’s medical in nature). On the other hand… there’s obviously no rush to preserve life, which seems to be a requirement for Lifeguard status. How would ATC handle keeping track of the priority requirement in a case like this?

From a practical point of view, how about dealing with the unfortunate departed pilot’s body for the duration? I assume he would be removed from his seat, and would need to be secured in another seat somewhere, preferably without overly alarming the passengers. I’m guessing that there are procedures thought out ahead of time.

Really, who gives a rats…who flew it back the Capt. died. Sad. Prayers to his family.

The other sad thing is SOMEONE is going to get pissed they were not told and guess what…anyone!!! That’s right sue CO…I’m betting.

One last edit…in looking through the history of this flight CO rotates metal between the T7-2 and the B764 on that route. Not that has any bearing on the situation.

What’s the IQ requirement for a reporter/journalist, 20? Is it capped at 45?