US Air Attendants spoke up about iciing - sued by co-pilot;

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Wow… very interesting. I have no idea what the more seasoned aviators on this site think, but to me it seems that the flight attendants got their job done and should be rewarded, not on the hook for legal fees… that is, if they are really telling the truth. Am I wrong?

Regarding the company’s position not to support the legal defense of the FAs…it doesn’t surprise me one bit. :unamused: I have heard all kinds of similar stories about HP/US’s corporate culture from very credible former and current employees. It’s pretty pathetic. And the captain deserves to be taken to the back forty of the ramp, amongst the baggage carts, for a good ass whoopin’. A good captain, as the leader, should never callously discount a concern of the team.

makes sense to me azav8r… seems like leadership 101 to me, but I’m no airline captain :unamused:

Agreed. You can’t ever regulate by incident, but this is a pretty clear case of knowledge acknowledged. TC

Also not mentioned in the article…FA inolved saw CEO (Doug Parker) in the airport one day and asked if he really had an open door policy and she’d like to have a meeting with him. He set it up not knowing “who” she was or "what " the meeting would be about. Suddenly, the day before the meeting she received a call from his office staff saying the meeting was canceled with no explanation or offer to rechedule. Apparently someone saw her name on the books and “knew” who she was.
The pilot sueing claims to be suffering from “mental stress” yet every year on his medical questionaire he claims he has no stress.

That’s every 6 months. But good point.

If the FAs were smart they’d report this to the FAA that he’s been falsifying information on his med cert, application… That’ll get him grounded in a hurry. And he might be willing to drop this frivolous suit. 8)

muh-ha-ha-ha :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Regarding the pilot and stress, yes this is part of the Fa’s defense

I would counter sue that idiot pilot for pain and suffering. I am not one to sue for everything that is wrong with this world, but this stuupid idiot pilot deserves a countersuit if for nothing else to recoup the lawyer fees they are incuring now. pilots have god complex problems too??? “I am the pilot and cannot be told something is wrong, if said person doesnt have same education that I do.” makes me wanna drive my car instead of helping that idiot live with just a little of my money. that blurb is only pointed at that partcular pilot. most others would appreciate the help, and i applaud those who do.

hey any of you commercial pilots out there> How expensive is the de-ice part of the flight?? i know it could get expensive if you take off and you NEEDED to be de-iced, but when the bill comes in for one plane how much does it cost??

NO you are not. I could see no reason to make pilot look bad. That is what TEAM is all about. I would say something, and deal with the consequences, if there were any consequences to be had. in my life I feel that doing the right thing is first and foremost on my list. they deserve praise even if the idiot pilot did not want the help.

Based on what I read in the article, the captain sounds like an asshole.

How could he be suing for defamation when it’s the flight attendants he himself is defaming?

There are several different types of de-ice/anti-ice mixtures and the costs vary. But, had I needed to sprayed last week when I was in DC, at the particular FBO I was at, the hot 50/50 de-ice mix was $22/gal and the anti-ice mixture was $27/gal. An airline bulk cost isn’t nearly that much. The amount used greatly depends on how much snow and ice needs to be removed and the size of the aircraft (area) to be cleared. The bill can be “ka-ching”. :open_mouth:

To simplify this…the airlines typically use a single mixture that is heated to melt/remove snow and ice. The same mixture also meets the guidlines of a prescribed “hold-over” time. The mix is such that based on ambient temperature and the type of frozen precip, the aircraft should remain contamination free for a certain period of time. A period of time that will allow for the aircraft to be sprayed, taxi, and take off before any further precip can accumulate on surfaces of the aircraft.

In this case the airbus was just frosted. It would’ve taken very little time, and somewhere around 50 gallons or less to do a broad pattern spray of the wings and horizontal tail.

It is the first officer Ed Gannon who is sueing the FA’s for $2million (not the captain)-according to the article and what I’ve heard from those familiar with the situation

My mistake but by sentiments don’t change. I think the first officer is world-class asshole.

Well it seems as all the posters on this topic are in agreement on our opinions. Do you think he’ll try to sue us too?

yes :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

asshole is the main point and i agree with yyou. he will cost people there lives with a f/u attitude like that.