Another lawsuit


Things like this are exactly why tort reform is so needed. It is long past the time to ban ambulance chasing lawyers!


Thomas contends that because the plane had electrical problems and was on a backup battery, the flight crew should have diverted sooner to another airport before the battery ran out and key systems were crippled.

Sorry but she has a point.
American also ran one off the end of MKJP


It took her two years to discover she had problems? She got off the airplane without a scratch, what more do you want?


Don’t listen to him, his wife is a lawyer :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, this woman needs to put on her big girl panties and man up.

“I was scared…now pay me!” Pleeeze.


What about all the other passengers? Are they going to see this now and finally realize they have been mentally and emotionally traumatized? I just don’t get some people. . .


Not sayin’ her suit is right or wrong, but the reason she waited may have been to wait for the conclusion of an investigation related to the incident. At least she’s suing the right people and not Boeing, the tire company, the battery backup company (although she might have a case there too), the company that last paved the runway, and FlightAware.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Another issue is whether the majority of her claim is for general (personal) damages or for punitive damages. A case might be made for the latter being justified if, by sending a financial message (usually the only kind of message a corporation is attuned to), this sort of risk to life and limb can be prevented in future.

Though any monies won from a punitive damages claim should be donated to a charity, I think.