AA passenger dies, lack of O2

hard to believe this could happen


EDIT: I don’t buy it. There’s only one side being told here and I find it implausible.

AA has come out swinging:

12 O2 bottles on board, two were used. I’d imagine that the relatives thought since she dies that they failed to work. A bad cause-effect determination on their part. O2 was provided in less than 3 minutes from the initial request.

AED was working properly and did not administer shock as none was warranted.

Sounds like a trauma center might not have been able to save this woman; an airline crew(with certified medical professional passengers) didn’t have a chance.

AA’s story definitely sounds more plausible.

You don’t think the family could possibly be hoping for a big payday, do you??? :unamused:

“Yeah, it’s a shame my cousin died, but at least she had the presence of mind to do it on an airplane!”

Haiti seems like a nice place. God only knows who or what is getting on the plane there.

The last couple FLYING magazines have dealt with this topic. Most of the medical emergencies on planes are caused by people who shouldn’t be flying due to medical problems or drunks/druggies.

It says in the article that the pilot agreed to divert to Miami, but I can’t find much of a diversion here.
flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL8 … /MTPP/KJFK

thats exactly what they said on a.net lol

I heard from CNN that it would be a “too drastic turn” so the pilot just decided to continue on to JFK.

:smiling_imp: I hate to play the RACE CARD ,but I,m sure if this was a rich white AMERICAN from CALIFORNIA the AA crew would have done a better job to save this ladys life ,but since it was a black female from HAITI , what the hell one less wont matter …Thats my 2 cents …Its the world we live in unfortunatley … :smiling_imp:

Hopefully the oxygen tanks weren’t serviced by these guys. Then they might have a case!


The Australian Safety Transport Bureau confirmed yesterday that Qantas engineers accidentally put nitrogen into the oxygen tanks of a Boeing 747 at Melbourne airport.

It’s possible nothing could have saved this person. Sometimes when it’s your time, it’s your time! CPR and other intervention has a very low success rate. There’s no reason to divert to remove a dead body. It takes a certain amount of time to divert, usually 30-40 minutes. In this case maybe longer since they were out over the water.

That plane AA flight from HAITI to NEW YORK CITY could easily been diverted to either SAN JUAN OR MIAMI both with excellent emergency rescue team waiting for this lady ,or if they already pass more than halfway to JFK ,that pilot had the whole east coast of the UNITED STATES to choose from ranging from WASHINGTON ,BALTIMORE PHILA AND NEW YORK…But again maybe the pilot was worry about fuel cost to the airline and what the hell it was black native from HAITI ,now if it was a white female from OHIO god forbid that aircrew would of diverted immediately…

If the woman had received medical attention, and was subsequently pronounced dead, do you think the pilot made the wrong decision to continue the flight?

What if the airplane was still to heavy to land in Miami, and the pilot decided that instead of maneuvering and possibly having to dump fuel, that, for the safety of the passengers with a pulse, it would be wiser and safer to continue to the planned destination? Landing in Miami to offload a corpse would be of no benefit to anyone, including the deceased surviving family members. They would then be tasked with the logistics and expense of returning the body to New York City for proper burial. That could potentially cost thousands.

According to the woman’s family, the airplane attempted to divert to Miami:

Oliver said he then asked for the plane to “land right away so I can get her to a hospital,” and the pilot agreed to divert to Miami, 45 minutes away. But during that time, Desir died, Oliver said.

“Her last words were, 'I cannot breathe,”’ he said.

Desir, 44, was pronounced dead by one of the doctors, Joel Shulkin, and the flight continued to Kennedy International Airport without stopping in Miami, with the woman’s body moved to the floor of the first-class section and covered with a blanket, Oliver said.

Note that Mr. Oliver is the cousin of the woman that passed away. According to Mr. Oliver, the woman died AFTER the pilot agreed to divert to Miami, and then and only then did the flight continue to JFK, PER Antonio Oliver. It is sad to see someone pass, especially in that situation, but as wazzu said sometimes when it’s your time it’s your time.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Well if your facts are correct I,m may be wrong about aircrew inaction to help this lady from HAITI ,,but I still stand in my opinion that there is racism in the UNITED STATES  and that the race card always is play sometimes in this type of emergency ..I will follow more this story in depth and get the  facts on how the aircrew of AMERICAN AIRLINES  handle this  emergency....

Here are some facts I read in this morning edition of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS …The deceased name is CARINE DESIR who was a nurse from brooklyn ,I get mad right now because another member made a stupid statement that you dont know or what gets on board in haiti “maybe druggies or junkies” anyway lets go back to the facts …MS Carine DESIR started filling ill one hour into the flight from PORT U PRINCE to JFK ,she started gasp desperately for breath within minutes DESIR was lyig unconsious,pilots issue afrantic call for any doctors onboard…Family claims flight attendants didnt move quickly and that lifesaving equipment was not working.AMERICAN AIRLINES claims they did the best they could to help MS DESIR life…DR. JOEL SHUKIN a former air force doctor pronounce DESIR dead…THE cousin traveling with DESIR charged that flight attendants first refused to give oxygen to DESIR and that two oxygen tanks were empty .A defibrillator also failed the famliy said…To read the entire article pls go to www.nydailynews.com/news/headlines

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Well I hope you feel stupid making this statement on what type of passengers get on board in HAITI,,This lady was medical nurse from brooklyn  on a mercy mission to her native HAITI..She was there  to help save lifes and you come and claiming that maybe she was a druggie or a junkie , shame on you .......


We read the initial article quoting the distraught cousin. We also read the article that quotes the airline as saying both bottles worked fine and the defibrillator did its job. There were TWELVE O2 bottles on that plane, and they all have to be in perfect working order for the plane to even leave the gate.

Oliver told the crew that she had diabetes and needed oxygen. The crew was right to be puzzled by this statement. Perhaps if he had said, “she’s having trouble breathing - she needs oxygen.” it may have helped. However, it appears her time was up and the 3 physicians and 4 EMTs on board that answered the pilot’s request for medical aid could do nothing to save her.

As a sign of our litigious times, I will bet you any sum of money that as soon as they landed in NY, every one of those doctors called their lawyers to gauge their financial exposure for coming to her aid.

This is looking more like a fishing expedition for $ every minute.